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My Journey started 18 years ago, from a native college going student to an entrepreneur who is working with clients from throughout the globe.

Post my Masters in Computer Technology and my initial hiccups in smaller towns; destiny brought me to Pune, which was then the best place for aspiring IT professionals to launch their careers.

With an initial decade of struggle and job hopping, I then took the entrepreneurial plunge and started my own web development and Design Company. Never have i looked back from then on and have grown from strength to strength. Soon after I was invited for a week long Entrepreneurial Program by ISB, where I was able to fine tune my business and strategies.

Today I offer my services to clients from diverse industries and different countries and help promote their businesses.

On an individual level, people call me a "Chionophile", someone who loves snow and ice clad mountains. My love for making authentic food makes me an instant hit amongst all, a quality that is possessed by a select few. I get a sense of satisfaction when I cook food and it is appreciated by all – that’s my stress buster, that's me !!!

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Priti is energetic, powerful positive business woman. She handle both home and work.. She is multitasking woman. She liked to earn money, she likes to do hardwork and she likes to cook new dishes for her well-wishers. She dislikes negative thoughts. She is my brother's friend and now she is my best friend forever.

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